Revenue Boosting

Digital Signage, without breaking the bank

Using your existing TV screens, Rivereto designs and streams
eye-catching, custom content to your visitors via wi-fi, with
no monthly fees. Perfect for bars/restaurants, salons/spas, gyms and more.

Why Rivereto?

The Right Message. Every Time.

With TV screens being the primary focus inside many establishments, Rivereto helps these businesses leverage this prime real estate, and deliver custom crafted promotions and messages to these existing screens via wi-fi.

So why Rivereto? With 15 years of marketing experience, we understand that as important as the technology is, Rivereto's real value comes with our ability to conceptualize and deploy revenue boosting content, each and every time.

Our team of design and marketing experts work with you to craft the perfect content, and stream it via wi-fi, directly to the TV screen(s) inside your business.

As a fully managed service, Rivereto also ensures your screen(s) are always displaying up-to-date, relevant content to your guests... with no monthly fees!

How it Works

Simple. Yet Powerful.

Frequently asked questions

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What is Rivereto?

Rivereto is the brainchild of our cofounder, Joel Paterson. Joel has owned a marketing company in Windsor, Ontario for the past 15 years, working with many restaurants and salons/spas with their digital marketing needs. The idea was to develop a cloud based solution that would offer clients the ability to have custom content delivered directly to their screens, via wi-fi.

Furthermore, digital signage has traditionally come with a hefty price tag. Rivereto has sought to provide businesses such as restaurants, salons/spas, gyms, car dealerships and more, with with an affordable digital signage solution, by leveraging their existing TV screens.

How Does it Work?

The concept is pretty simple. The Rivereto platform allows us to design your latest promotions/custom content, and stream them directly to your screen(s) in real-time; requiring virtually no effort on your part. Unlike traditional digital signage or printed posters, content can be updated quickly, ensuring expired or outdated promotions are a thing of the past.

Who Can Use it?

Rivereto's primary focus has been bars/restaurants, salons/spas, and gyms, however the platform offers a wide range of applications, suitable for any business who feels they could benefit from digital signage. These include: Retail stores, car dealerships, sporting venues, healthcare/pharmacies, and more.

What Do I Need?

That's the best part. Rivereto's "plug and play" hardware (included in your set up fee) connects to your existing TV(s) HDMI port. That's right, unlike most digital signage solutions that require you to spend thousands of dollars on expensive hardware, Rivereto turns your existing TV screen(s) into digital signage, without the large out of pocket expense.

Can I Design my Own Content?

Absolutely! Many people have their own content, or designer they use for their existing marketing/advertising efforts. This is no problem at all. We can simply provide you (or your designer) with the specs/dimensions, and content can be created as you see fit!

Can we run Rivereto on multiple screens?

Of course. The Rivereto platform is built with scalability in mind. As long as you have "input control" on your screens, Rivereto can easily function on multiple screens. Contact us to get started!

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